A building falls, but is quickly rebuilt

Several days ago now, the seasonal rains took their toll on the building used as the kitchen at Omega.

It collapsed completely. It appears the intensity of the water flowing around the base of the building may have displaced the vertical timbers, causing instability and finally, a heavy collapse. Thankfully, no one was in the kitchen at the time; if someone had been, the falling of the heavy iron sheets would have probably caused great harm.

Gratefully, a new building has been constructed (less a door at this time) with new iron sheets. The old sheets could have been used, but Mark was concerned that, having been deformed slightly from the collapse, they may let water in at the seams.

I’ve provided photos so you can see the before and after. In the first photo, you can view the deterioration of the mud walls prior to its collapse.

And here is the construction in progress, followed by the finished result:


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